The Ultimate List of Food Drive Locations

August 19, 2016 | 5:04 pm | Written by

The success of a food drive depends largely on its location. If the drive is held in the middle of nowhere, there’s a high chance you won’t reach your collection goal. It’s important to hold a drive where a high volume of people will be passing through. Examples of locations are split into two categories below. Happy collecting!

This first list has options for a food drive, one that will be held for a week or longer, where recurring guests can bring items.

  1. LibraryGroceryStore_Small
  2. Nail Salon
  3. Hair Salon
  4. Gym
  5. School
  6. Place of Worship
  7. Grocery/Convenience Store
  8. Popular Coffee Shop/Deli
  9. Firehouse
  10. Hospitalboxoffooddrive
  11. Doctor’s Office
  12. Veterinary Office
  13. Bank
  14. Farmers Market
  15. Movie Theater
  16. Shopping Mall
  17. YMCA/Community Center
  18. Pool
  19. Restaurant
  20. Social Club
  21. Gas Station Market
  22. Theme Park
  23. Ice rink
  24. Bowling Alley
  25. Car Wash

This second section is for food drives that occur only at a specific event. These types of food drives require a lot of notice and a great deal of publicity, because there are only one or two opportunities for people to remember to bring food.


  1. Graduation CeremonyBooksAndAppleOnBlackboardBackdrop
  2. Sports Tournament
  3. School Music Concert
  4. Holiday Pageant/Talent Show
  5. Dance recital
  6. Play/Musical Performance
  7. Book Club Meeting
  8. Move-in at a college campus (ex: pick up your key, drop off a bag of food)nonperishablefooditemsDonatedBox
  9. Move-out day at a college campus
  10. Office Event/Party
  11. Block Party/BBQ
  12. Camp Pick-Up/Drop-Off
  13. First Day of School
  14. Parade
  15. Golf Outing
  16. Birthday Party
  17. Bingo Event
  18. Garage SaleFireworksInSky
  19. Potluck Dinner
  20. Fashion Show
  21. 5k Run
  22. Carnival/Fair
  23. Film Screening
  24. Fireworks Event
  25. Car Show

Good luck! Here are some more tips for making the most of your food drive.


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