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  • 19 Best Moving Tips of 2018

    So are you freaking out yet?  I mean, after all, you’re moving! Does the exclamation point make you excited or even more nervous?Well, I’m here to tell you to relax.  Moving doesn’t have to be that hard.  The key is preparation.  Below you’ll find the very best moving tips, tricks, and hacks to make your… View Article

  • 4 Tips for Moving Into Your First College Home

    Say goodbye to dorm life and hello to your home! School’s out, which means that college students across the country are preparing to move into their first rented homes. Many have questions on how to prepare and what to bring in order to allow for a smooth process with the least stress possible. Here are… View Article

  • How Many Moving Boxes Will I Need?

    Movers hired? Check. Moving day scheduled? Check. Packed? Um… If your answer to this question is no, it’s probably because you’re overwhelmed by looking around at all the stuff in your home. One of the most common moving questions is: “How many boxes will I need?” Make the packing process easy by calculating how many… View Article

  • Tips for a Green Move

    Hire green movers Look for a moving company that uses environmentally friendly vehicles, uses recycled boxes, and packs efficiently so that only a small number of packing materials are used. Reuse packing material Many businesses throw away boxes and packing materials they receive with their shipments. Ask around and you could get some boxes for… View Article

  • 7 Tips for Moving With Kids!

    Written By: Janette Delph Janette Delph is a mom turned writer. After raising two sons that are off pursuing their own dreams in college, Janette is now pursuing her dream to become a freelance writer. So your one bedroom condo is getting a bit cramped for your soon-to-be four year old.  As a mother of… View Article

  • Packing: Everything You Need to Know

    Written by Ron Burg, a writer and moving enthusiast. He mostly writes for atlpeachmovers.com and finds fun in packing stuff. The excitement of finding the perfect space to call home is unlike any other. With the right touches and personalized additions, you transform a house into a home. However, when you sign the paperwork, you… View Article

  • Don’t Run Out of Boxes!

    You don’t need to hear this twice—you’ll need A LOT of boxes. Having enough boxes makes life so much easier when moving. If you are wondering what exactly the extra boxes will be for, we’ve got your answers and more! Cardboard: Set aside about 10 boxes to use for last minute items on moving day… View Article

  • What NOT To Pack

    You’ve read our ultimate moving checklist and have done hours of research on what and how to pack for your big move. You’ve laid out your plans and done your research and you think you’re finally ready to go, but do you know what not to pack? Safety, value, and ease of travel should all be considered when you’re… View Article

  • 6 Things You Should Never Ever Pack When Moving

    In this post we will say a word about the no-no’s concerning packing for a move. There are certain items that movers will refuse to take in the moving truck. Read and learn. Hazardous materials Household goods carriers do not transport flammable, corrosive or explosive items, because they present major risks to the people involved… View Article