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  • How Food Waste is Harming our Environment

    Food waste is one of the more important issues facing the country, yet most people are not aware of this pervasive issue and the impact it is having on our environment. According to a recent study, food waste has increased by 50% since 1974. Forty percent of the food produced in the United States ends up… View Article

  • Three Innovative Ways to Reduce Food Waste

    Its no secret that food waste is a big issue these days. Americans waste about 40% of their food. That’s approximately 33 million tons of food that ends up in the landfills every year. There are several organizations working to reduce food waste by repurposing it to feed people. Other organizations, however,  are using innovative… View Article

  • Composting 101

    Composting – You may have heard this word once or twice in your Environmental Science class in high school, or glanced over it in a gardening magazine, but what the heck does it actually mean? That, my friend, is why I am here to help! Composting is the process of collecting organic plant matter and allowing… View Article

  • Food Waste, Calculated

    Think about how much food waste you create on a weekly or monthly basis. A box of cereal goes stale and into the garbage. Strawberries were bought, forgotten about, grew mold, and ended up in the trash. Canned foods sat dormant in your cupboard, you realize they’re past the expiration by six months and you decide… View Article

  • The Meaning of Meat – A Nutritional and Environmental Examination

    I was reading an article recently, and political theorist Joseph Nye expressed this: “Power in international politics is like the weather. Everyone talks about it, but few understand it.” I think the same thing can be said for meat. Everyone has an opinion on it, but few really understand it, even people who you think… View Article

  • Inaccurate Food Labels Could Be Marked For Change

    Contrary to popular belief, the expiration dates you normally find on food products don’t actually explain when food goes bad. These labels only show how long the item will remain at peak freshness. As a result, Americans have thrown away close to $29 billion worth of food each year. Luckily, organizations like Wal-Mart are fighting back…. View Article

  • Putting Your Food Waste to Work

    Food waste is a major problem around the world, yet there are an abundance of initiatives across the country that are attempting to diminish the magnitude of this issue. Two recent efforts are attempting repurpose, not reduce, the food waste. In 2011, Sacramento County created the “Farm to Fork to Fuel” measure, which converts food… View Article