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Using Drinks For Donations

Looking for an easy and effective way to fundraise for your campaign while enjoying some guilt-free libations? Holding a fundraiser at a local bar or tavern is a great way to draw in crowds while raising money for the cause. Not only is it a fun environment, the offering of discounted drinks is a great way to gather the attention of supporters. Read on to see how to create an awesome event from start to finish.

Find a Venue

First and foremost, finding the right location for your event is key. Start by asking friends and family for suggestions and look at your network to see who works at establishments that would work (you have a better chance going through someone you know than randomly asking for help). Also, make sure it’s a central location that’s popular with the locals, as it could also generate additional support from folks that were previously unaware of the cause.

Create a Deal

Once you’ve secured a location, talk with the owner to figure out a deal to offer customers. Many places will either offer a free first drink, a discounted drink, or allocate a certain amount of each purchase to go to the cause. Regardless of the situation, make sure it’s reasonable for the owner.

Bring in Some Goodies

Everyone likes winning something so incorporating a raffle in your event can definitely bring in some crowds and donations. Visit the surrounding businesses to see who is willing to donate an item or service, as most local companies like the additional promotion. Make sure to stress that you will also be highlighting their generosity to the event through your promotions.


Now that you’ve got everything set, it’s time to get the word out! For a maximum reach, create an event page with all the details and post on social media. Besides the basics of time and place, make sure to talk about the cause and where the donations are going, using some statistics from our website. Also, make sure to highlight the location holding the event and any sponsors, as it’s imperative to show your appreciation for their generosity. To keep the event fresh in people’s minds, post regularly on social media and ask friends and family to also share the event.

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