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Save Yourself from the Sun

Unless you do all of your training indoors in a gym, you’ll be spending a lot of time in the sun. As we all know, excessive sun exposure can lead to skin cancer but it can also cause eye damage and even hair breakage. With all these miles in the sun, it’s important for athletes to protect themselves while training outdoors. Here are a few products that can help shield you from the unforgiving sun.


Sunscreen is a must. Applying sunscreen regularly (regardless of your activity) can reduce your chance of skin cancer, prevent premature aging, and protects you from the harmful UV rays coming through the depleting ozone layer. When choosing a sunscreen for outdoor training, make sure to look for one that is formulated for sports or activity. These sunscreens tend to stay on better with excessive sweat and also may not clog pores as easily as a regular formula. For your face, use a sunscreen with zinc, it acts as a physical barrier to the suns rays and is helpful in protecting delicate skin.


Wearing a hat is definitely a personal preference, as some athletes don’t like having something on their head while training. But if you’re pounding the pavement or trail for long periods of time, a hat can help you to stay cool while also blocking harmful UV rays. Choose a hat that is made with wicking material to help the head breathe and reduce sweat dripping down the face. Hats also help to protect hair, as excessive sun exposure can lead to dry, brittle strands.


Just like a hat, sunglasses are a personal preference but are vital to protecting your eyes. Regardless of the activity, sunglasses also help to the block harmful UV rays which can lead to long term problems like macular degeneration and cataracts. Besides protecting the health of the eye, sunglasses can reduce glare and keep your eyes clear of any dust or dirt that crosses your path. Sports glasses tend to be fitted more snug around the eyes, keeping them in place while bouncing around and can come with anti-fog lenses, perfect when you really start heating up.

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