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Getting Social

Social media is part of everyday life. Regardless of the platform, a large majority of people keep up with current events, friends, and family by going online. With that large of an audience, social media is a great way to promote your fundraising campaign. Here are a few tips on how to make the most out of your campaign by using some of the most popular sites.


Since Facebook is currently one of the top used sites for networking and news, it’s a great platform to promote the cause. Make sure to post your Crowdrise campaign often (at least once a week) to keep people up to date on your progress. Also, make it a point to tag your donors in your updates as it shows your appreciation (and can guilt others into donating). 


This fast, short and to the point application is also a great way to shout out your campaign. By taking a quick selfie while training and using some creative hashtags, you can grab the attention of numerous followers. Make sure to add a link to your Crowdrise page and use a site like Google shortener to reduce your character count. 


Since it’s becoming one of the most popular social networking sites, LinkedIn is another great option to promote your campaign. If you’re connected with different vendors, coworkers, and partners, this site could be a great way to get a corporate or matching donation. Make sure to be professional in your messaging since this site is mainly used for professional, not personal networking. 


The power of photos are what make Instagram a favorite among many social media users. Photos can also be a great tool to show the full scope of how Move For Hunger reduces food waste and fights hunger. Repost photos from our Instagram account to highlight what the organization does and where their donations will go. Also, you can get creative with your photos by using the different filters and graphics, the more engaging the better! Just remember to put your Crowdrise link in your bio section so it’s easy for followers to access.

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