To Pack Or Not To Pack: What’s Truly Important During Your Downsize

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There’s a fine line between what you want, need, and can’t live without. When it’s time to pick up and move to a new home or apartment, that line can cause stress and anxiety in deciding what actually means enough to lug along with you. It’s only natural for humans to form emotional connections to objects, but there comes a time when you just have to say goodbye.

When you’re packing up your things and dividing them into carefully labeled boxes, its inevitable to evaluate and remember the history behind your belongings. The most difficult part is deciding what to pack and what not to pack – and that, is the question.

We’re here to help, with a list of 7 things to just do it, throw it out, and leave it behind.

  1. The 1-year rule:

    Have you or have you not picked up this item in the past year? I only say a year because if you’re living where it gets cold in the US, or where you don’t go through the four seasons, your opinions can change. If you might need that scarf in the next month, keep it. Other than that, throw it away. You clearly don’t need it if you haven’t seen it in over 12 months. We all do it, we see something and think to ourselves “Wow, I totally forgot I had this Do-It-Yourself Manicure, I’m going to use it next time”. You won’t. Trust me.

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  2. College Clothes Keepsakes:

    For most of us,the formal dress you wore in college 10 years ago is not going to fit anytime soon. If it does fit, it’s most likely making it’s way out of style. Sometimes you just shouldn’t put on your dancing shoes and rock your outdated gear at the next college reunion. Throw away your old clothes. If you don’t wear them anymore, they’re just taking up space in your closet for a new an improved wardrobe. Donate your clothes to a local drive, or let your friends pick and chose their favorite old items to take. You may think you’re going to wear them again, but if you have gone through all of the seasons without touching it, let it go. If you decide you want to rock the 90’s again, there’s always thrift shops.

    girl wearing prom dress

  3. Old Gadgets:

    Everyone has it. The drawer of old technology. The famous Samsung phone and Game Boy Color. Don’t take these with you. If you can’t sell them on the internet to collectors, you have no business keeping them. Do you really use your VHS player? If you don’t think you are ever going to use the boom box again, get rid of it. Make sure to recycle your old products correctly, keeping the environment safe in the process. Face it, if your iPhone breaks, you’ll probably get a new one before going back to butt-dialing because your phone from 2000 doesn’t have a lock screen.

     old electronics

  4. The Unfixable:

    If you haven’t fixed it yet, you probably aren’t going to. You might have an old watch in your jewelry box with a broken link, thinking you’d eventually make it to Macy’s to get it fixed but haven’t. Think about broken kitchen appliances like blenders or toasters. Are you really going to get them fixed? Donate or recycle them, they haven’t been of use to you, and it’s obviously not urgent. If it’s broke and not cost efficient to fix, let it go.

    broken glasses

  5. The Maybe Pile:

    Anything that you put into your maybe pile might be what you need to throw away. If you aren’t positive that it’s something that you want to take with you, don’t do it. You’re attachment to the item can’t be as strong as you imagined if it’s in the maybe pile to begin with.

    clothes pile

  6. Double is Trouble.

    Be honest with yourself, you really don’t need five sets of wine glasses if you don’t have that many friends in the first place. If you have two of them, sell one. Nobody needs two vacuums and two coffee makers, the double just takes up space. Pick your favorite one and get rid of the duplicate. If you want, these are good items to stick in a garage sale, one mans’ trash is another mans’ treasures!

    garage sale

  7. Bad Memories:

    It’s a simple concept. If it brings back bad memories, don’t bring it along to this new beginning. Moving into a new home is the start of a new journey for most people, and there shouldn’t be a burden weighing you down more than the boxes you’re carrying. You don’t need to take along the vase your ex-boyfriend brought you flowers in, and you don’t need the friendship bracelet from your not so best friend anymore. Leave it behind, and walk into your new door smiling.

Good Luck, Movers!

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