3 Tips on Moving Your Garden

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A special part about building a new home is how you decorate it and make it your own. Some of the most beautiful homes are complete with lush landscaping, which unfortunately comes at a large cost to the homeowner. In an effort to save money, many people choose to transport some of their existing greenery to their new location. Read on for some easy tips on how to move your plants – we’re here to give you ideas on any sort of moving, even if it’s a garden.

  1. Pick the important plants:

    Uprooting your plants is not an easy or quick process. Since they are living things, each plant requires a certain amount of love and care when being relocated. Most importantly, only move the ones that you plan to keep. There’s no sense in moving (and possibly killing) a perfectly good plant if it won’t have a place in your new home.  Pick out your favorite shrubs for the long haul and leave the ones that need to stay put.

  2. Prepare ahead of time:

    Moving a garden can be a big job, don’t underestimate how much transportation may be needed for your plants. Depending on your current landscaping, a larger vehicle may be required to transport everything. Also, dig your holes ahead of time. Plants can dry up very easily during a move, so make sure they get right back into the needed environment as quickly as possible.

  3. Care for them properly:

    Start the caring process by making sure you dig out the entire root in a circle shape, including a large amount of soil. During the move, your plants will still need water since being out of the soil for a period of time risks their health. Place them in larger pots to give them more room and allowing them to continue to grow. Lastly, safely secure them for the long haul, ensuring they won’t turn back into mulch before they reach their new home.

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