Tips for Moving this Spring

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  1. Get an early start!

    Spring is a popular time to move, so make sure you secure a reputable moving company early. Moving during the weekday can end up saving you some money and may be easier to book. If you have children, try setting a moving date during their spring break.

  2. Spring cleaning

    Before you pack up, do some spring cleaning. Donate what you don’t need or host a garage sale for some extra cash! After moving, clean your new space right away for a clean and extra fresh start.

  3. Pay attention to pollen!

    Spring is infamous for stuffy noses and watery eyes. Make sure you seal up boxes before moving. This way, your items avoid pollen contamination. Additionally, check out the pollen count for the day of the big move. If the count is particularly high, make sure to leave your allergy medication unpacked!

  4. Take advantage of the weather!

    Dressing in layers can help you make it through the chilly spring mornings and last through warm, sunny evenings. Remember that April showers bring May flowers. Sometimes rain is unavoidable, so watch the weather before move-in day. If it does happen to rain, cover furniture and boxes with plastic wrap.

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