10 Tips for Unpacking

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Moving can be a very big task. Once it’s over, you gain a feeling of accomplishment. You finally have everything in your new home. There is one step though that many forget before they start moving: unpacking. The move may be over, but now it’s time to get situated in your new space. Unpacking may seem like a daunting chore, but with these tips, you will have success in no time!

  1. The Essentials:

    The first thing that should be unpacked should be the important items that you will absolutely need once you are in your new space. This includes toiletries, food, and medicine. If you have a toddler accompanying you, make sure they have something to play around with or unpack themselves while you make your new place look more like home.

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  2. Furniture:

    This should be the second piece of your home that you unpack. It’s important to have your furniture situated so that you can then focus on other things like pictures and entertainment. Out of all the furniture to set up, try to have the bed set first so you can guarantee yourself a good night sleep after a busy day.

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  3. One Room at a Time:

    To stay sane, you may want to simply focus on one room until it’s completely finished. This can help you save time and energy by getting you to avoid running around the house placing your belongings in their proper place.

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  4. Set Goals:

    Create a checklist of tasks you want accomplished by the end of the day. This can help you in creating a rough timeline on when the unpacking will finally be over. Make sure these goals are reasonable too, so you don’t overwork yourself which leads into the next tip.

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  5. Take Breaks:

    Don’t feel bad for taking a break, unpacking is a process that takes several days and weeks. Go out for a treat, or maybe get situated with your new neighborhood. If you’re moving with children, have something that you can do together such as taking a trip to the movie theater.

    lady taking a break from unpacking

  6. Know Your Surroundings:

    It’s a simple, yet very important thing to know. When moving your belongings around the house, you will want to avoid any bumping into walls and people! Since the home is still new to you, it’s vital to make sure you know where you are walking so you don’t accidently drop whatever it is you have. Also note where everyone is in the home. If someone is assisting you, make sure to stay clear when moving anything around, especially if the object is fragile or large.

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  7. Take your time and ENJOY YOUR NEW HOME!:

    Take your time to really look through what you have and decide where it’s best to put it. Don’t rush the process. Unpacking takes plenty of time to finish. Taking things nice and easy will help keep stress levels down while also help you enjoy your new home. Who knows, you may run into some old trinkets and mementos that you thought you lost!

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