Advice for Apartment Hunters

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Whether moving into your first apartment or your 21st, the stress and chaos associated with getting all your stuff from one place to another can be overwhelming. Here are a few useful tips to help ease your mind.

  1. Know the best time of year for moving into a new apartment:

    • College apartments: Summer offers the best selection yet is the busiest time for moving. Book a mover in late spring/early summer to achieve the best selection and beat the summer moving rush.

    • City apartments: November and December offer the best deals and tend to be less chaotic for moving because of the Holidays. April is also a good time because you beat the busy summer season.

  2. Know how to choose the best apartment for you. When you walk into an apartment, bring these items:

    • Tape measure (to see if your furniture will fit)

    • Plug-in night light (to test all of the outlets)

    • Light bulb (to test the light fixtures)

    • Flashlight (to examine unlit areas)

  3. Utilize free moving apps from the App Store, such as:

    • Move Advisor

    • Move Tools

    • MyMove

For more information about apartment moving, check out Atlas Van Lines.

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