How to Say Goodbye to the Old and Hello to the New

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Saying goodbye can be difficult. Here are four ways to make leaving your old house behind a little easier:

  1. Take pictures

    You can use a digital camera or your phone to take photos to preserve the image of how your house looks before any changes are made by the next owners. You can even take videos during the process of packing up as a keepsake.

  2. Voice your farewell to the house.

    The day before the move or even the day of, say goodbye to your home out loud. It may even help you to go from room to room and give your final farewells. If time allows, talk about your favorite memories in the house or in certain rooms with your family members.

  3. Take a souvenir with you.

    You can take some of the flowers, plants, or trees from your yard and have them re-planted at your new house. You can record certain sounds you heard in the house, such as raindrops on the windowpane, or even take a doorknob with you. Taking familiar things with you can help you feel more comfortable in your new house.

  4. Bring the good, but leave the bad.

    Moving can be the perfect opportunity to start fresh and leave the not-so-great memories behind. You may even want to take it to a more symbolic level and take something fragile such as a vase or porcelain plate and break it apart. You can use this as a metaphorical reset button and leave any negative feelings behind.

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