Reduce, Relocate, Recycle

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Anyone who has survived a move into a new home knows that it takes a variety of packing materials to get the job done, not to mention the gas for transportation. If you consider yourself an environmental advocate or hope to become more earth-friendly, here are five tips to make your next move a bit more green.


    Packing can be an overwhelming and time-consuming process. Before quickly throwing everything you own into boxes, have you considered which items you really use and which ones are just coming along for the ride? Take a moment to sort through things you’d like to keep and things you can donate or sell at a garage sale. The lighter the vehicle, the less gas you consume. So sort through those forgotten pieces of clothing or decorations, and make space for the things you really value.


    Dinnerware, vases, and other fragile items are some of the more time-consuming items to pack. No one likes to reach their destination and open a box full of broken glass. Before you run to the store and buy a stack of tissue paper or styrofoam packing sheets, first shop from your linen closet. Use those extra dish towels, bath towels, and sheets to wrap things like dinner plates and glassware. You can even wrap your scarves around those tiny trinkets that break easily.


    You know those circus acts where a tiny car pulls up and one-by-one clowns of all shapes and sizes unload from the car, and you’re left wondering how they got there in the first place? Follow their example. If your move is pretty local, and you’re planning on driving back and forth between homes, try to pack as many items into your vehicle as possible. This not only saves on gas but also reduces air pollution caused by vehicle emissions.


    Do you feel like your old furniture bores you or doesn’t fit the vibe of your new space? Rather than throwing out that random side table, try to find a way to give it new life. Whether it’s applying a new coat of paint or finding a new use for an odd piece of furniture, you can reduce waste and end up with a new focal point in your room.


    You’ve made it to your destination, and you’re probably just excited to ditch the boxes and put everything in its proper place. Rather than tossing everything in the same garbage bin, separate what’s headed for the landfill from things that can be recycled. A quick Google search can help you locate the closest recycling center, as well as which items they accept.

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