Packing Mirrors & Pictures

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  1. Protect The Glass:

    We know this seems like common sense, but you’d be surprised how many people just put their pictures on the moving truck. If you have any framed art, it’s best to apply masking tape to the framed front in a star pattern. Make sure you tape completely across the glass and frame as well. This will prevent the glass from shifting while you move.

    mirrors and pictures wrapped to move

  2. Bubbles!

    Bubble wrap will quickly become your best friend when wrapping glass objects. Now is not the time to get cheap! We recommend grouping thinner pieces together while separating them with some bubble wrap.

  3. Mind The Corners:

    Corners often get neglected when packing. When thinking about your mirrors and pictures, it’s always a good idea to add some extra padding to the corners. They are most likely to chip or crack during the move. This can be avoided by wrapping the corners in an extra layer of bubble wrap or foam and securing them with tape.

    mirror wrapped

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