Packing Electronics

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Computers, tablets, musical instruments, printers, small appliances, flatscreen TV’s, dvd players, and even that old school boombox you’ve been holding onto for all these years are all items that require a little extra love when packing. Basically if you have to plug it in, you should think twice about just throwing it in a box. Here’s a few tips to ensure your electronics turn back on when you get to your new home.

  1. Use The Original Box:

    These boxes were literally made for your electronic device. You won’t find a better source of protection then these. If you don’t have the originals, though, find a box that is slightly larger than the device to allow for a snug fit with room for packing paper.

    game console in box

  2. Back It Up:

    You can never be too prepared. Accidents happen. It’s always best to back up your hard-drive and software before packing up your computer. IF something does happen, at least it will be easy to fix.

    computer with harddrive

  3. Label Components and Wires:

    Do yourself a favor and avoid putting all your wires in one, non-labeled box – only to get tangled, broken, or lost. This might work for your crazy uncle Jim, but it’s not recommended. Unplug everything, but keep wires with the items they belong to. When you unpack, it’ll be a lot easier to find your printer’s power cord if it’s labeled and in the box.
    labeled wires

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