Moving Tips for People Who Are Deaf or Hard of Hearing

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  1. Pay Attention:

    Things can easily become chaotic during a move. It is essential that you pay attention and keep alert at all time in case of falling boxes, moving trucks, and people carrying heavy objects.

  2. Make sure everyone in your moving party is aware that you are deaf or hard of hearing:

    When contacting movers, make sure that they don’t try to call you back on the phone with details. Request that conversation be conducted through text message or email.

  3. Install flashing/vibrating fire and carbon monoxide alarm systems immediately upon moving:

    Alarms are essential in any dwelling, so make sure that you can be notified when there is a problem. Depending on your state, there are places that offer these types of devices for free for people who are deaf or hard of hearing.

  4. Introduce yourself to your neighbors:

    Letting them know that you’re deaf will improve your relationship. They may think you’re ignoring them if they try to introduce themselves from across the yard and you don’t see them.

  5. Use lists and labels:

    It is crucial to label your belongings so that the people helping you don’t have to continually ask you what is inside each box and where it goes.

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