Moving Tips for the Elderly

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Moving can be a nightmare for the elderly. A person can be placed under stress due to many limitations, whether it is physical or mental. An illness can distract one from accomplishing their tasks and could possibly lead to a huge toll on that person. Listed below are some helpful tips that can make moving easier.

  1. Be organized:

    Create a list of the tasks that need to be done.

  2. Plan the move:

    Give yourself enough time to work slowly so you do not overwhelm yourself

  3. Time is critical:

    As you pack, try to clean as you go to eliminate wastage of time.

  4. Create a folder:

    Keep all of your important documents together so you do not misplace them when moving ( i.e insurance cards).

  5. Go Room to Room:

    Start with the kitchen, it’s the easiest! If there are unopened boxes or cans of food that will no longer be needed donate them! Other opened items can be discarded. Avoid injury by leaving heavy items aside so someone can assist you with them later.

  6. Sort your items:

    Use Ziplock bags to sort different items. For example, put office supplies in one bag, bathroom stuff like your toothbrush and toothpaste in another.

  7. Pack accordingly:

    Keep your most important items/daily essentials such as medicine in a more visible container that can be accessed at all times.

  8. Label all of your boxes:

    It’ll make things so much easier later on.

  9. Find a Mover if need be:

    Do some research, ask around if anyone has used a mover before. Contact a mover to see if they can assist you with moving your items from your old home to your new home.

  10. Be kind:

    Offer water or light refreshments (such as coffee/donuts) to your movers as a form of appreciation.

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