Happy Together | 5 Tips for Moving in With Your Significant Other

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So you’ve both decided that you’re ready to take the ‘next step’ and get your own place together. No more parents, siblings, or annoying roommates to deal with. Here are five tips and things to remember when moving in with your significant other for the first time.

  1. Give Each Other Space

    If you’re moving in with this person, chances are that you already know them quite well. But spending a lot of time with someone and living with them are two completely different things. Make sure you give yourself time to adjust to living in such close quarters with another person. Don’t expect things to be smooth sailing from the second you both walk through the door.

  2. Compromise

    Be open to compromise. Especially if you’ve never shared a room with someone before, you’re going to learn that you can’t always have things your way. If you want something in a specific spot, but your significant other is avidly against it, learn to choose your battles. Be understanding and considerate of the other person’s wishes.

  3. Take Inventory

    Make sure that you’re not bringing duplicates of household items such as furniture, appliances, etc. Make a list of who is responsible for bringing what and determine what it absolutely necessary to have as soon as you move in (shower curtain, plates, utensils, toilet paper, paper towels, etc.).

  4. Be Understanding

    Understand each other’s financial situation. This is undoubtedly going to be a tough conversation, but you need to divide the bills so that it’s fair for both parties. Make sure you both know what bills you’re responsible for, how much income you have each month, and if any extra expenses may arise. Being honest and understanding are key elements to making sure that your new life with this person is as simple as can be.

  5. Be Forgiving

    When living with only one other person, things can tend to get heated quickly. Learn to calm yourself down and to control your frustration so you don’t end up saying things that you don’t mean. Think of this person almost as your ‘little brother’. Of course you love and care for them, but being in a confined area with the same person for a long time can allow that person to get on your nerves. So don’t let silly things become big issues and learn to have self control.

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