Moving Makeup: How to Keep Your Products Intact

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As ladies prepare to move, thinking about transporting all of the lipsticks, powders, and eyeshadows can become stressful. After all, makeup can be expensive; the possibility of damaging certain pieces in the midst of a big move could be a significant inconvenience and another added expense. Here, we provide a few tips to make moving make-up products easier and keep them intact whether your move is close by or far away.

  1. Clean Out Your Makeup Drawer!

    The first thing to do, and the simplest, is to clean out your makeup drawer. Most products will have a tiny expiration date on the bottom or sides of its container, but if not, know that most mascaras last 6 months, foundations and lipsticks up to 2 years, and blushes, eyeshadows, and other powder-based products can last between 1-2 years. Cleaning out your products, and especially knowing what you will and will not use in the future, will help make packing everything up much easier.

  2. Re-Use!

    Find smaller boxes, maybe old jewelry cases or old boxes from shopping to pack everything away. Label each box with what you want to put into it and make sure that they are clean so that any dirt or dust does not mix with your makeup.

  3. Be Safe!

    Take bubble wrap and line the smaller boxes, cases, or drawers to make sure that the products are safe in case they are dropped or hit.

  4. Set Aside What You Need!

    Assess what products you use regularly and would need to access on a daily basis. Set those aside in a travel bag so you do not have to go back and retrieve them once you pack up the majority of your items. Once you do this, you can start organizing your other makeup.

  5. Use Bubble Wrap!

    Pack away your makeup products in the labeled boxes and make sure the top of the box, case, or drawer is covered with bubble wrap.

  6. Double-Check

    Tape the pack shut and double-checked to make sure everything is labeled. Keep the boxes together so that all of your makeup is in one place when you are ready to unpack!

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