Moving Forward: Choosing Senior Movers

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Across the United States, from small towns to big cities, the growth in the population reaching their golden years is at unprecedented numbers.  For moving companies, handling senior moving requires a unique, comprehensive approach – Not to say all moves don’t deserve an ‘above and beyond’ mentality – but special considerations and planning should go into moving our seniors in particular to guarantee an easy transition.

Organize, don’t overwhelm

Oftentimes, senior moves are accompanied by big changes at that point in an individuals’ life.  This can include relocation to a new city or state, moving in with family, downsizing to an apartment and more.  All of these factors at any age can lead to anxiety, and couple that with any preconceived notions about what a ‘senior move’ infers – And your customer can be overwhelmed to say the least!

By providing caring, expert moving services and support, moving companies can alleviate some of the stress and provide for an easy transition.  Many of these best practices can be applied to any move, any age!

Work backwards from your move date if necessary, and set clear goals to ensure you cover all the bases needed to facilitate your move – and to reduce stress along the way.  Enlist the help of family and friends, or choose a moving company that provides support services for cleaning, packing and more!

Get paperwork together and share the news

This can include medical, personal and business documentation, as well as just simply keeping friends and family in the loop!  Planning ahead, getting all of your ducks in a row, will reduce the stress of moving day.

Depending on the amount of organization this entails, give plenty of time to ensure that all involved are comfortable with the plans, feeling in control and ready for the big move.


Have a realistic game plan and outlook

For anyone downsizing or moving in with family, moving companies will recommend having a truly clear vision of what your new living arrangements can accommodate!

Spend the time in advance sorting through, prioritizing, donating and even storing your belongings that can’t necessarily make the move with you.  Many moving companies are happy to accommodate multiple destinations for storage, or to drop off large items to family and friends.

Hire respected industry experts

Whether for your own move or to help out a family member, do the legwork to ensure that the moving company you select has the experience and skills to make senior moving go smoothly.  The move should include thorough communication of expectations and plans ahead of time, but moving day should also be done at a pace that is conducive to communication and comfort.  If you’re still feeling overwhelmed, it might be worth hiring a senior move manager to help you with the process.

Because of all of the changes that seem to be happening at once, simply slowing down and taking the time to talk with your customer, listening and offering professional insights, can mean all the difference to them in a move.

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