Moving Into Your First Dorm Made Easy

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Starting the transition from high school to college is an exhilarating, but crazy time. With the change in location, crowds of new people, and an endless amount of packing, you can get a little stressed. These five tips will help relieve some of the pressure and help make the moving process simple.

  1. Pack Seasonally.

    Packing all your clothes is impossible and will add clutter to your dorm. Only pack the appropriate clothes for each semester and leave the others boxed at home. Once the semester is over, you can trade your clothes out, keeping your dorm clean and making the end-of-year packing easier.

  2. Coordinate with your roommate.

    For appliances and electronics like a microwave, refrigerator, monitor, etc., talk with your roommate beforehand and figure out who is going to bring what. This way you can both save room while packing and you don’t end up with two of anything in your room.

  3. Bring some memories.

    Make sure to bring a few old keepsakes and photos of friends or family to keep in your dorm to make you feel more at home. College can be a nerve-wrecking process so having these small mementos can help you get comfortable in your new surroundings.

  4. Stay Organized.

    When packing up all your stuff at home, use boxes and containers to separate your items. Use labels so that you know where everything is once you start the unpacking process. Be sure to bring organizational and storage furniture for your dorm to help keep the room clean for the whole year.

  5. Ship larger items.

    When it comes to your bulky items, it’s better to ship them to the college or buy them in the local area. Larger items include comforters, pillows, printers, etc. There are even companies like Dorm Room Movers, who will provide all the necessary supplies and information to get your items delivered right to your campus.

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