4 Tips for Moving Into Your First College Home

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Say goodbye to dorm life and hello to your home!

School’s out, which means that college students across the country are preparing to move into their first rented homes. Many have questions on how to prepare and what to bring in order to allow for a smooth process with the least stress possible. Here are four tips to help reduce the nerves and maximize the excitement!

  1. Figure out who’s responsible for paying the bills

    It’s easy to put one person in charge, but let’s face it- with academics, clubs, sports, or Greek life, it becomes difficult to be the only one collecting the money for rent, utilities, and wi-fi. Giving different members of the household responsibility for various jobs around the house allows everyone to stay on top of what is due without becoming overwhelmed with numerous things. Plus, with everyone collecting money for a different job, there will be no excuse to pay someone late!

  2. Acquaint yourself with your new neighbors.

    Whether they are college students, a family, or an elderly couple, it’s important that you reach out to your neighbors and introduce yourself. You never know when you might need help shoveling snow, mowing the lawn, or fixing things around the house. Plus, making yourself a part of a friendly neighborhood makes for a better living experience throughout the year!

  3. Don’t stock-up on foods until you get familiar with your schedule.

    When you move into your home, there’s no doubt you’re going to want to buy yourself a multitude of snacks, lunches, and dinners to keep yourself full. Don’t go crazy though — get familiar with when you will be in and out of the house throughout the week to make sure nothing goes to waste.

  4. Take your time moving in.

    Don’t feel like you have to make the living room homey, the kitchen pristine, and your room cozy right away; it takes time. Enjoy the experience and don’t stress yourself out about creating the “perfect” house.

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