Moving Experts: What to Look for When Choosing a Mover

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Our “Moving Experts” series features moving advice from some of the leading voices in the relocation industry. This post was submitted by Nicole Munoz of Bekins Van Lines.


When you have kids, pets, or a busy job, moving can be a bit overwhelming. Relocating all your possessions on your own can seem daunting, and packing everything safely may be one of your top concerns.

For a little help, you may be considering a professional moving company to pack and relocate all your possessions to your new home. But, while shopping for moving services, you may find it difficult to separate the scams from the legitimate businesses.

To determine if a moving company is genuine and to protect yourself from potential dangers, use the following tips as you search for the best movers.


    When searching for a moving company, ask your close friends and family members. They may be able to offer a few reputable suggestions, and they can tell you what they may or may not have liked about their movers. You can also ask your realtor if he or she knows a few good moving companies. In that line of work, real estate agents may know a couple dependable options.

    But if you don’t have anyone to turn to in your local area, you can get a list of reputable movers from your local state association of movers or the American Moving and Storage Association.


    To keep moving and make a profit, most scammers will set up shop under one name, do business, and then quickly disappear to work under a new name. To ensure your moving company is legitimate, look for some kind of history. It’s best to find a company with at least 10 years of experience in the industry.

    Check if they have a lengthy history of reviews online and affiliations within the community, such as Move For Hunger and other local charities. When a company gives back to the community in which it serves, the company is more likely to be legitimate and invested in the community. These local connections also can serve as references.


    When you ask for an estimate, a reputable mover will come to your home to take a look at all your possessions and ask thorough questions.

    They may take a look in your pantry and cupboards, and they’ll steadily move from room to room to see what you’re planning to move. To get a better idea of what they’ll be packing up and moving, they’ll also ask what you’re getting rid of and what else you may be purchasing before the move.


    For the best results, get estimates from at least three different movers and compare the prices. If you notice one is considerably different from the other two, ask the movers why this may be and what kind of charges affect the overall estimate. Sometimes, if an estimate is significantly disparate, you may be dealing with a fraud.


    Moving companies are legally required to give you a booklet about your rights and responsibilities when moving. If they don’t make this accessible to you online or give you hardcopy, you may want to keep searching.


    If you see blank spaces on the contract or the contract is under two pages, the movers may be scamming you. All your possessions should be included on the agreement, and the contract should be at least two pages in length.

When you depend on a moving service, you’re entrusting most, if not all, of your possessions to the movers. By using the tips above, you can ensure you’re putting your belongings in good hands.

For your next move, consider Bekins. We’ve been in the business since 1891, and we use our considerable experience to move your items safely and efficiently. If you ask, we’ll happily provide our credentials and recent references.

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