How to Master Moving with the Military

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Military families must become experts at moving since they typically move every 2-4 years. Since there are so many people involved, this process can be very stressful. Here are a few tips to make before, during, and after the move operate smoothly.

  1. Create a Moving Binder:

    For your PCS move, you are going to need more paperwork than you ever imagined. Put together a binder that contains copies of your orders, birth certificates, marriage license, social security cards, passports, immunization records, mortgage documents, rental agreements, etc. This will make you feel stress-free knowing all of your important documents are organized in one place together.

  2. Don’t move boxes from your previous move:

    If you haven’t used an item in 2 years, then you don’t need it. So those boxes that you never unpacked from your last 2 duty stations – let them go! This will help to free up space (and weight) for items that you use regularly.

  3. Ziplock bags are your new best friend:

    Packers have a habit of grabbing everything from drawers and cabinets and throwing them into boxes. Then you have to sort through all of this stuff when you arrive at your new place. Save yourself time and sort anything small into ziplock bags. Some of these items could include: silverware, spices, markers, pens, pencils, kitchen utensils, screws/bolts/hardware, & toys.

  4. Set Aside What You Want To Pack:

    Anything that you don’t want the movers to pack, label it, or even put it aside in a room by itself. If you skip this step, they will pack EVERYTHING.


  5. Color Code:

    Color code your boxes with tape or stickers to organize which boxes go in each room. This will save a lot of time when you get to your new home and make unpacking much easier & organized!

  6. Take Good Care Of Them:

    It is a common courtesy to have snacks and drinks available for the packers on packing day (or days depending on your property weight). Since they are packing ALL of your precious items into boxes, labeling, and loading them up on the truck, snacks will help keep their energy high. Also, if you are feeling extra nice, buy them lunch (pizza is the easiest/cheapest)! This will show them that you appreciate them taking good care of your stuff. Once they are full and happy, they will be sure to be extra careful with your fragile items.

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