Making the Most of Your Storage Space

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Dealing with limited storage space, but not willing to get rid of your things? With these tips you can store more than you ever imagined possible!

  1. Roll your clothes rather than folding

    This allows you to fit a lot more in the same amount of space. (This also prevents wrinkles)

  2. Use socks and scarves as padding for breakables

    This helps pack your clothing more efficiently and protects your fragile belongings without the hassle of packing peanuts or bubble wrap.

  3. Pack smaller kitchen supplies inside larger ones

    Small appliances like can openers can be packed inside larger pots and pans to maximize storage space without ruining your organization system.

  4. DIY vacuum packing

    You can use garbage bags and a vacuum to vacuum seal things like linens and clothing. Removing the air frees up valuable space with little effort.

  5. Use storage that you already have

    Laundry baskets, suitcases, and anything that you can fit more items in can be used to save space and avoid the issue of disposing of boxes after the move.

  6. Contact a charity to pick up unnecessary items

    Not everything will make the cut, and many charities will send someone to pick up unwanted items. Move for Hunger can help you find a mover that can take any nonperishable foods to a food bank.

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