Lighten the Load Before you Move!

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Moving is the perfect opportunity to clear out those excess belongings. Check out these tips on how to host a garage sale.

  1. Figure out logistics

    • Be aware of any restrictions in your town for garage sales. See if there are any laws about when/where/how to hold them.

    • Figure out the best location and time of your sale. Think about the community when picking a time. Know about community events to avoid conflicts.

  2. Advertise

    • Hang up posters around town or print fliers to hand out. Make sure the date, time, and address are clearly labeled. Try to make the advertisements eye-catching with bright colors or catchy phrases.

  3. Know your stuff

    • Before you begin packing, take inventory of your belongings. What items are essential to your move? Do you still need that Frisbee you got at a work conference? A garage sale is the perfect cleanse for your new life in a new home.

  4. Organize the sale

    • Gather shelves or racks to display your belongings on. You want your potential buyers to see all that you have to offer.

    • Try bundling some items for a bigger value.

    • Set prices before you set up

    • Be reasonable with prices because you are essentially just trying to pack lighter.

    • Put price tags on the items so you have a starting point for people to bargain with. It is suggested that you mark items at 20-30% of their original price.

  5. Sell, sell, sell!

    • Have fun with your sale!

    • Bargain with your customers and just try to make some sort of a profit. Use your profits to fill your new home with some exciting things.

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