How to Know Which Mover is Best for You

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First time moving, don’t worry it is okay to be nervous especially if you are trusting your personal belongings to a moving company. Here are some tips to help you decide which company is best to move your belongings from house to home.

  1. Ask your friends/family

    If they used a moving company, ask if they enjoyed the people they worked with them, how their belongings were handled, how much it coast, etc.

  2. Yelp/Google Reviews

    Businesses have to be on Yelp/Google Review website, check reviews of companies in your area and see which ones have good reviews, which have bad; what is right for you. A great website to search reviews is Moving Company Reviews.

  3. Interviews

    If there is more than one company and both seem exception, arrange a meeting with a mover from the company; it will give you a feel of what to expect and help your decision making process.

  4. Charity

    If you wish to give back or have things you will not be taking with you, see if the mover donates to local charities such as food banks, shelters, hospitals, etc.

  5. Double Check

    Before you say “Yes these are the guys.” always have another person you trust look at what you have found. Always better to get a second opinion now than pay for it later.

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