From Home to College Dorm

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As the summer passes on by, reality starts to settle in – sometime in the month of August you will be moving from your childhood home to a college dorm. And the excitement of moving out starts to morph into stress. How are you supposed to fit your entire life into a closet (half a closet if you have a roommate)? Lucky for you, I have been around the block a couple times, and here are my helpful hints.

  1. Coordinate with your roommate

    If she is bringing a fridge, bring a microwave and coffee maker. A fridge takes up a ton of space and half the food that I would buy from Whole Foods or Trader Joe’s would end up in the trash because I was buying too many things for one person. With only 1 fridge your storage space is limited, you’re more likely to buy only what you need.

  2. Coordinate with your parents

    If your mom or dad plans on visiting in October as the weather gets cooler, leave your winter clothes and boots packed for your parents to bring up to you in the fall and swap out.

  3. Downsize

    • Consider the fact that you have to condense your closet and dresses and maybe your basement or attic storage into a tiny closet, which you may have to share another person.

    • Bring things that bring you joy. If you don’t love a sweater, if you don’t live in a pair of jeans — then leave them at home.

    • Consider your packing — if you don’t plan on doing laundry every week, pack enough clothing to get you through washes.

  4. Organize, organize, organize!!!

    • The stress of moving into your dorm diminishes greatly when you have a system.

    • Pack all your bedding in one box, container, or space-saving bag. Do this with your seasonal clothes, your bathroom supplies, and any extra items you may have. This makes setting up your room and making it feel like a home a lot easier on you and whoever is helping you settle in.

Bring items to make your dorm feel like home, whether it is a blanket, a specific air freshener, or some photographs. This room, no matter how big or how small, will be your home for the next 8-10 months, depending on your academic calendar, so take the time to make it feel like home!

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