The Hidden Costs of Moving

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You have found the perfect new place and planned out what you are bringing with you. While the thought of moving is exciting, budgeting can be a drag. Don’t let these hidden costs of moving get the best of you.

  1. Packaging

    When boxing up your belongings, there are some items that can be packaged using free boxes (from local businesses or second-hand from friends), but with others that require more care buying more sturdy boxes will cost money. Along with buying the packaging tape, bubble wrap, foam, and labels. Protective materials such as floor protectors and corner guards are also an investment to make so that there is no harm to the space you are moving out of. Investing in something such as utility dollies can help avoid the costs of repairing anything that can become damaged in the move-out.

  2. Cleaning:

    You have now gotten everything packaged and loaded into your vehicle without any damage to your belongings or old space. Looking around the empty space you will also have to take into account any cleaning costs. Paying for a professional service can help assure that the space is in the best condition and it will also save you the time and materials it would take to do it yourself. You may also want to pay for a professional service at your new place, too, if the past residents weren’t as considerate as you to properly clean the space.

  3. Traveling:

    You have all your stuff in the moving truck, but now you have to factor in how you will travel. Are you driving the truck, driving your car, or flying to the location? In each scenario, you must factor in all the little costs such as gas, food, time away from work, lodging, parking fees, tolls, and any extra truck rental expenses.

  4. The Little Things:

    All the miscellaneous costs add up over time and it is always best to be prepared.
    – Transferring utilities from your old place to your new place. This will include paying old bills and making sure that you are not paying for service in a location that you are no longer at.
    – Changing the locks, installing home security systems, and checking smoke alarms.
    – Life essentials such as groceries, toiletries, and cleaning supplies that may not have made the move.
    – Updating your address and any documents, such as your driver’s license, that have your license on it.
    – Insuring any important items for the move just in case of breakage.
    – Tipping anyone who helped you during the move.
    – Money put aside just in case of emergency.
    – Fees for bulky or expedited items, a hoisting fee to help get certain items that can’t fit through a doorway into the space.
    – Any temporary storage that you need.

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