Eco-Friendly Moving Tips

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When most people think of moving, they envision tons of cardboard boxes, bustling diesel-fueled trucks, and plenty of waste. But moving doesn’t have to cause a negative impact on our planet. In fact, there are many eco-friendly ways you can move. Here are some tips:

  1. Cut Out the Cardboard:

    One of the best alternatives to cardboard boxes are plastic bins. Most plastic bins can be recycled up to 400 times, and many movers use them– all you gotta do is ask! If your mover doesn’t provide them, check out EZBins or EcoBox.


  2. Pop that Bubble Wrap:

    Bubble wrap is one of the worst things to end up in a landfill. Surrounding your valuables with peanuts works just as well as bubble wrap. Additionally, you can use towels, bedding or clothing. This is a win-win because you will need to pack these items anyway.

  3. Got Bio?:

    Many movers have upgraded their trucks to use biodiesel, a much cleaner alternative to diesel. Ask your mover if they have made the upgrade.

  4. Rails over Roads:

    Driving long distances can emit a significant amount of CO2 into the atmosphere. We know, your first instinct is probably to ship your car on a truck. How about considering a train? Trains are four times more fuel efficient than trucks. It’s a great way to reduce your carbon impact.

  5. Donate, Donate, Donate!:

    The less stuff you have to ship, the lower your carbon impact. A great way to reduce the items you have to move is to donate the things you don’t need. One of the most common things that gets wasted is food. Here at Move for Hunger, we’re dedicated to fighting food waste and food insecurity. We’ll happily set you up with a mover who will pick up all your leftover food and donate it to your local food pantry.

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