Don’t want to miss anything during a move? Get organized with these tips!

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Moving can be a very stressful time, and trying to coordinate everything is extremely challenging! With these tips on how to be organized during your move, you won’t be overwhelmed anymore!

  1. Before move – GET SUPPLIES!

    If you are prepared before you actually start moving out of your house, it will be one less thing to stress about. Buy bubble wrap, tape, boxes, labels, and permanent markers. Having all of this before you move will reduce the amount of trips to the store!

  2. Get a planner!

    Use a generic planner since it is a good place to keep all of your appointment times, so you aren’t late or completely miss an appointment. Each day will be planned out so there are no surprises!

  3. Make a list of goals

    Each day or each week, make a list of goals you want to accomplish. It could be to pack a whole room on Monday and then to contact a mover on Tuesday. Also, crossing off things on your list will make you feel more accomplished and less stressed!

  4. Use color coordinated labels

    To keep everything extremely organized, if you color coordinate a box which correlates to a different room in your house, there won’t be anything misplaced! For example, having your master bedroom boxes in blue and then the basement boxes in red, your boxes will always end up in the correct spot.

  5. Moving Binder

    Start a moving binder right when you decide you want to move. Keep all of your accounts and different contacts in there, along with receipts and and estimates. This method keeps everything in one convenient place so if you need information about a moving company you’re working with, the details will be in the binder!

Using these tips, your move will go smoothly! Being prepared and organized is key to a successful move!

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