Common Mistakes to Avoid While Moving

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Congratulations! You just finished signing the lease for your new home! Moving can be very exciting, but very stressful at the same time. With the endless list of tasks to complete before moving, it can be very easy to forget a few. Avoid these 3 most common mistakes make your move a little less stressful!

  1. Last Minute Packing:

    Packing can certainly feel like a chore, but waiting until the last day to finish can lead to trouble. Since packing can be hard and stressful, it’s easy to keep pushing it off until you’re scrambling to put everything in boxes. On a time-crunch, you probably won’t be able to organize your items, which will make unpacking harder. And, there is strong possibility of forgetting items. Make sure to finish packing before the moving trucks arrive, so everything is ready to go, is organized, and labeled!

    TIP: Start small and tackle one project at a time. Begin with items that are out of season or stored away and move on to packing the essentials last.


  2. Transferring Utilities:

    After a long, hard day of moving you’re finally in your new home! Nevertheless, you forgot to transfer utilities and now you have an apartment with no lights. Make sure to transfer your utilities to ensure that when you move into your new place, everything is ready to go.

    TIP: If you’re moving out of state, you can use’s Utility Providers tool, to compare prices.


  3. Overpacking:

    Moving is great time to go through all your items and decide what you need and what you should give away. It makes unpacking a lot easier and helps you sort out items and stay organized in your new home. It also reduces the amount of boxes you’ll need and cuts packing time.

    TIP: Host a garage sale or donate unwanted items and food that you won’t use to your community shelters and food banks!


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