College Moving Tips

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  1. Reach out to your roommate before moving in:

    Make sure that you are in contact with your roommate before move in day. This makes coordinating your room much less chaotic than waiting until the day of to know who is bringing what. For example, you don’t both want to bring a refrigerator, coffee maker, or microwave, because typically dorm rooms are too small for duplicates. This also helps to eliminate any awkward first encounters on move in day.

  2. Bring essentials on move in day:

    College can become very hectic very quickly; therefore, it is important to come prepared. Purchase essentials such as, bedding, laundry detergent, snacks, toiletries, and cleaning supplies, prior to arriving. This makes life much easier, because you will already have these items accessible when needed, rather than having to figure out a way to go and get them.

  3. Take pictures:

    Take pictures of your room and self not only for memories, but for any problems as well. If there are any obvious damages to the room, it is important to record them. This way, at the end of the year you can prove that they were there when you arrived, so that you will not be charged for them.

  4. Go to the bookstore:

    Head to the bookstore with your book list as soon as possible. The bookstore gets awfully crowded when students start realizing that they need books, so make sure to go as quick as you can to avoid long lines. Also, the bookstore sells an abundance of school accessories and apparel; so if you’re looking to get in the school spirit, head there before everything good is sold out!

  5. Be open-minded:

    It is so important to go into college with an open mind about meeting new people and having new experiences. Be willing to step out of your comfort zone! Obviously, make smart decisions, but definitely take every chance you can get to have a new experience!

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