9 Tips To Help You Find A Mover You Can Trust

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Moving is one of the most stressful times an individual will experience in their lifetime.  After all, the movers aren’t just moving your stuff – they’re moving your life.  On moving day, you’re basically entrusting a group of strangers whom you’ve never met to enter your home, pack up all of your belongings, and safely transport them to your next destination.  So the question you should ask yourself is: Can I trust these guys?

In the US alone, there are literally thousands of moving companies waiting for your call.  Below   are a few great tips to help you choose a reputable moving company that you can trust.

  1. Phone A Friend:

    The internet is good for a lot of things, but choosing a moving company isn’t one of them.  Nothing beats a good old fashioned referral.  Start with friends, family, and co-workers who may have moved, and ask them who they used. Realtors are also a great resource as they refer moving companies every day.  If  the same company keeps coming up in conversation, you’re probably on the right track!

  2. Movers Are Like Fine Wine – They Get Better With Age:

    If you needed surgery, would you choose the doctor that just graduated from med school or would you choose the one that’s been operating for years with a sterling reputation?  While this has nothing to do with fine wine, your choice should be blatantly clear!

  3. Invite Them Over For… An Estimate:

    Call the movers and set up at least 3 in-home estimates.  If they don’t want to come to your house to perform a professional survey, then you probably don’t want them coming to your house to perform an unprofessional move.  Once you’ve got them there, confirm that they will be the ones performing the move and not sub-contracting it out to some Joe Schmo Movers you’ve never heard of (yes this happens, and you can avoid it!).  There’s a lot you can find out about a company by inviting them over for an estimate.

  4. Field Trip!

    While we’re on the topic of inviting the movers over, it’d probably be a good idea to stop by their office as well.  Nowadays, anyone can create a flashy website and claim to be something they’re not.  Does their office actually exist?  Is it a pigsty?  Is the receptionist polite? Do their trucks look like they’ve been in a terrible accident or are in serious need of a paint job?  All valid questions.  Remember – you’re trusting these guys with your stuff!  Do your homework and get to know the team that’s about to move your life.

  5. Let’s Talk About Price, Baby:

    Different movers will provide you with different prices.  Ask about how they calculate that price.  Often times it is based on some combination of time, weight, number of crew, and distance.  If a company gives you an estimate solely based on the number of cubic feet your “stuff” takes up, view this as a red flag.  Also – confirm ahead of time if there could be any additional charges for extra packing materials or if you can save money by packing yourself.  Finally, make sure the price you choose is in-line with the other estimates you receive.  If one company comes in significantly less than the others, maybe it’s time to “move” on to another mover (pun intended).

  6. Check Out Their Street Cred:

    Is the company a member of a reputable industry association like the American Moving & Storage Association or the Illinois Movers’ and Warehousmen’s Association?  Have you checked out their reviews on sites like BBB or Yelp? Are they involved with any local charities like Move For Hunger, giving people like you the opportunity to donate your food when you move? Are they active on social media? If so, you should check out their pictures and posts to learn more.  While we don’t condone internet stalking, we recommend you at least do a quick Google search before inviting them into your home.  It’s the smart way to shop.

  7. Protect Your Move:

    Did you know that by law every long distance moving company is required to give you a little booklet called “Your Rights and Responsibilities When You Move”?  For local moves, the state may require the moving company to provide you with an “Important Notice To Consumers” booklet.  Yup – they literally give you a book to help make your decision even easier.  If they don’t offer you this book, don’t offer them the job.  It’s little details like this that should help set your mind at ease.

  8. Get Technical:

    Once you’ve narrowed down your choices and want to confirm these companies are legit, check out the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration’s online portal where you can learn some crazy details about the company – such as the types of insurance they carry, have they been in any accidents, and when their last inspection was.  There are very few places online to find this much detail about a company.  However, we can’t think of a more important use of your time.

  9. The Best Tip You’ll Read All Day:

    Move For Hunger has done all the work for you!  Visit our website and click Find A Mover.  There you will find a list of reputable, trustworthy moving companies who will not only provide you with exceptional service, but give you the opportunity to help feed those less fortunate during the process.

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