6 Things You Don’t Need To Take With You When You Move…And What To Do With Them Instead!

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  1. Unwanted furniture, clothing, household goods:

    Preparing for a move is the perfect time to do some spring cleaning, selling, or donating! What pieces of large furniture can you part with? What clothing doesn’t get worn anymore? This process of decluttering can start anywhere from two months to two weeks before you move, and there are many ways to make those tough decisions. Then, you could get some extra pocket money by hosting your own garage sale.

  2. Broken or outdated electronics:

    We’re all guilty of hoarding old electronics — bubble TVs, DVD players that stopped working, old keyboards, outdated cell phones. While it may be tempting throw some of these things in the dumpster, there are plenty of simple ways to get these items out of your hair while keeping them out of landfills. Best Buy allows you to drop off 3 electronic items per household per day free for recycling.

  3. Unopened non-perishable food items:

    Food is something you can purchase at your new home. That’ where we come in! Don’t let your non-perishables go to waste — find a socially-responsible mover near you!

  4. Cleaning products and other household supplies:

    Things like dish soap, window cleaner, bleach, laundry detergent, toilet paper, etc. can be purchased at a store near your new home, so there’s no need for them to take up valuable space in your moving vehicle. Consider offering these items up to your family, friends, neighbors, or workplace.

  5. Hazardous materials:

    This is less a case of things you shouldn’t take with you, and more a case of things you can’t put in the moving truck; this could include things such as propane tanks, spray paint cans, old medications, batteries, and other things that could be flammable, corrosive, explosive, or otherwise harmful. It’s essential to dispose of these items properly by taking them to your nearest waste management facility.

  6. Bubble wrap, newspaper – all that wasteful packing material:

    Make the most of your space by using towels, sheets, and clothing to wrap and protect fragile items. If you can, use storage bins, totes, or baskets to store smaller items. If you do use cardboard boxes, be sure to recycle them when you’re all unpacked and settled in your new home!

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