5 Tips To Starting Off On The Right Side Of The Street

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We all know the struggle…that one neighbor. The one who doesn’t know obey lawn lines, lets the dog do its’ business in your yard and leaves their trash cans under your bedroom window. Nobody wants to live next to “that guy”. So when moving to a new community, it’s important to show your new neighbors that you respect their space. Here’s a few ways to start off on the right side of the street when relocating.

  1. Introduce yourself.:

    There’s no better way to show neighbors your friendly side then to introduce yourself right from the start. By making an effort of meeting your new street mates, it shows that you care about your community and its’ residents. Also, if you’re able to meet them before the actual move, be sure to inform them of when the moving van is coming. As we all know, a move is a big ordeal and takes up quite a bit of space. Your new neighbors will appreciate the advanced warning.

  2. Time your move right:

    Just like nobody likes a lawn mower at 7 a.m., nobody appreciates a moving van on their street at the crack of dawn. Plan your move at a time of the day that won’t wake your neighbors, getting you started off on the wrong foot. The best time to schedule to is 9 a.m. to 4 p.m., when most people are at work. Let your neighbors wake up on their own, not from the sound of your belongings all over the street.

  3. Know your space:

    Have you seen neighbors bickering about the extra foot of fence they have on their lawn? Or maybe the car parked on their side of the road? Even though we all know the street is a public place to park, not every neighbor might agree on personal space. To keep the peace in the beginning, ask them if there are about their parking preferences, yard restrictions and noise requirements. By knowing your place in the new hood from the start, you’re preventing conflicts in the future.

  4. Manage moving trash:

    We get it, trash happens. All the boxes, paper and plastic, that comes with moving will inevitably spill over from your yard. Show your neighborly side and clean up after yourself. Keep your trash as compacted as possible, break down your boxes and recycle to offend the least amount of people as possible.

  5. Keep your pets on a tight leash:

    Although the world is filled with animal enthusiasts, your new neighbors may not be. Be respectful and make sure your pet is secured in the yard or inside the house while you’re gone. Also, make sure your pet does his business in his own yard and not leaving presents for your neighbor to clean up.

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