5 Simple Rules For Easy Moving

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  1. Downsize:

    Sell, Donate, Toss – Over the years, you are likely to have accumulated things you don’t actually need.  Before the move, have a yard sale to rid yourself of those unnecessary items. Whatever you don’t sell can be donated or given away. And don’t be afraid to let go, since you are starting a new chapter of your life, less junk is imperative!

  2. Lists, Lists, Lists:

    Organization is key to easy moving. Divide the house by rooms and label the boxes accordingly (unfortunately the stress of moving can make you forget the simple things). Use a free premade moving list or for the tech savvy mover, free apps are also available.

  3. Color Code:

    Assign each room a color and stick colored duct tape on the boxes that correspond to the colors of the room.  This will save time and the trouble of sifting through boxes to see where everything goes.

  4. Unpacking:

    Keep cleaning supplies in a box that you will have handy. Cleaning your new place before your stuff is moved in will be easier and more effective.  This also goes for hardware supplies, keep the tool box handy so you can easily grab it. And most importantly, keep track of your box cutter, no one likes cutting open boxes with a butter knife.

  5. Tell everyone you moved!

    Get creative by sending friends and family a cute postcard. The Internet is full of templates to make this easy and quick!

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