5 Packing Tips to Help With Moving

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  1. Declutter first:

    Go through items and donate, sell, or give them away before you start packing. This will leave you with less to pack.

  2. Pack in luggage

    Put your bags to good use and pack them first. This will cut down on the amount of boxes you’ll need.

  3. Look for creative places for boxes

    Stores will often happy to give you their leftover boxes. Ask friends and family if they have any you can use, as well.

  4. Label efficiently

    When labeling boxes, mark both the room and the contents. Be specific. This will keep you from digging through six “kitchen” boxes to find your coffee maker.

  5. Use what you already have

    Use your own blankets, scarves, and clothes to cushion breakable items. You won’t have to buy as much bubble wrap and it will save space.

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