4 Things to Remember When Moving

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The last thing you want when you’re moving is to have an unexpected disaster. Here are four commonly forgotten things you need to do when moving.

  1. Change your utilities

    It’s difficult to get settled into your new place when you don’t have functioning lights or a refrigerator. Make sure you turn on the electricity at least a day before the move.

  2. Change your mailing address

    Wondering why you’re not getting any bills? It’s not because your phone carrier is being nice, it’s because you forgot to change your address. Fill out a change of address form, and update your contact info.

  3. Update Subscriptions

    Cancel or update your newspaper, cable, and lawn services before you leave. That way you won’t keep paying for services you aren’t receiving anymore.

  4. Give your new address to friends and relatives

    This is important, especially if you are just moving to a new house in the same town. Distant relatives might not even know you have moved and could send your birthday check or Christmas card to a stranger.

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