Packing Dishes & Stemware

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If your plates, bowls, and glasses were given a high school superlative, it would be “Most Likely To End Up Broken Into Tiny Pieces.” You can avoid giving your dishes a superlative with these simple steps:

  1. You Know It’s All About That Base:

    Line the bottom of your box with a couple of layers of packing paper or bubble wrap. Remember, after you pack the box, it will be put on a truck and driven down a bumpy road to your final destination. Anything you can do to absorb some of those bumps can make a huge difference.

    wrapping plates

  2. Put A Sock In It:

    One of the easiest ways to save space and broken glasses when packing is to stuff a pair of clean socks in your glasses before packing them. Towels and t-shirts also work great for glass bowls. The idea is to fill any empty spaces with something soft to help prevent them from getting crushed during the move.


  3. That’s A Wrap:

    It’s always best to wrap dishes and glasses individually in newspaper before packing them. You should try to avoid stacking bowls or glasses directly on top of each other. With all that moving around, it’s really just a game of odds before something breaks. You can lower these odds even further by securing your wrapped items with some masking tape before putting them in boxes. It’s that easy!

    wrapping glass seperately

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