11 Important Moving Tips

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You accepted the job, sold the house, bought a new one and are ready to uproot everyone to a new place to call home. The process of moving can feel daunting to some, but a change in scenery with a new job, house and neighbors means a fresh start for some. But before you embark on this journey, you must pack up your life to transfer to another location, which unfortunately means moving. Here are some key tips to keep in mind to make your transition a little smoother and a whole lot easier.

  1. Do Your Homework:

    Whether you hire a moving company or do the heavy lifting yourself, do some research before you make that decision. If hiring a moving company, utilize different organizations such as the American Moving and Storage Association or the Better Business Bureau to look up reputable companies. With all of your belongings, it’s important to make sure they are in the right hands. If you’re doing it yourself, double check that you reserve the right equipment for the move and have enough help to get the job done.


  2. Purge Before Packing:

    Regardless of how long you’ve been at your current residence, chances are you’ve accumulated stuff that you can part with. Before you start the process of packing, go through what can be donated, given away or thrown out. Not only will this reduce the amount that you do need to pack, it will show you just how much stuff you really have. Find a moving company that makes it easy for you to donate your food on your move.

  3. Get Organized:

    Once you’re ready to tackle the task of packing, organize your belongings to make it easier to unpack. Keep everything in boxes labeled for specific rooms and label each box with the contents. This will make it easy once you get to your new destination by knowing where everything already is.

    labeling boxes

  4. Hack It Up:

    To make the packing easier, use some of these simple hacks to make the move a little smoother:

    • a. Use clear sandwich bags to separate and label things that you need to take apart and put back together such as screws and curtain rods.
    • b. Cover the openings of your toiletries with saran wrap and put the cap back on, this will make sure your box isn’t covered with shampoo if it expands.
    • c. For extra padding, use clean socks to pack your glassware and stemware.
    • d. Wrap your breakables in clothing to save in bubble wrap.

    packing breakables

  5. Hire A Sitter:

    If you have kids and/or pets, arrange for them to be watched by someone else to keep them out of the chaos of a move. This will also help to ease their mind and keep them occupied during this hectic time.

     babysitter with boy

  6. Protect Your Memories:

    If you are driving a car, pack up your photo albums, home videos, and important documents with you instead of on the moving truck. These things are irreplaceable, you won’t regret the extra baggage.

    photos in boxes

  7. Don’t Forget the Fridge:

    If you’re moving your refrigerator, make sure to take everything out and give it time to completely defrost before it’s hauled away. You’ll avoid a soggy and smelly introduction into your new kitchen.

    empty fridge

  8. First Night Box:

    Staying that first night in new house can be frustrating without the right supplies. Pack a first night box that has everything you need to survive for the time being – cleaning, eating and hygiene supplies.

    clothes for the night

  9. Check Out Your New Hood:

    Once you’re settled in your new surroundings, go explore them. Check out all your neighborhood has to offer, including shopping, recreation and restaurants. Being brand new to the area can be a perfect excuse to get out of the house!

    downtown street

  10. Relax:

    During this hectic process, the best tip to a successful move is always remember to relax. It can get messy, disorganized and stressful but keep in mind it’s only temporary. Soon the all the boxes will be empty and before you know it, it will feel like home.

    relaxing outside

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