More than $5,800 Raised During the Inaugural DKCU Shoots Out Hunger Tournament

July 23, 2018 | 4:06pm

Hunger is a year-round issue that never takes a break, and on any given night, more than 40 million Americans find themselves food insecure. The fight against hunger requires us to unite, which is why there's nothing better than seeing members of our network come together to kick hunger to the curb!

Earlier this month, we teamed up with DeKalb County United, a semi-pro soccer team in Illinois, to host the inaugural Shoots Out Hunger fundraiser. This two-day event was a huge success, bringing in more than $5,800 to support our hunger relief and food waste reduction programs!

DKCUShootsOutHunger_FootDartsTournament2018-(12)web.jpgNone of it would have been possible without Wade Bute, Director of Operations for Ace Worldwide Elite Relocation Services' Western Region, who worked tirelessly to organize this event. A big thank you also goes out to the DKCU team who made Move For Hunger their featured charity during the July 13 game against Aurora Borealis, their biggest rivals.

They didn't stop there, though! The main event was the Foot Darts Tournament that took place at Sycamore Community Park the following day. Teams of four competed to be dubbed the foot dart champion as they tested their precision, kicking a soccer ball at a massive blow-up dart board! Members of the DKCU team also stopped by for a meet-and-greet with the participants.

While only one team could be crowned champion of the Foot Dart Tournament, many people in the local community are going to benefit from this event. In Illinois, more than 1.4 million people face food insecurity every day, including 1 in 7 children. It's always inspiring to see a community come together to help provide meals for their neighbors in need.

To the players, staff, and supporters of DeKalb County United, and everyone who signed up for the Foot Darts Tournament...THANK YOU!!! It was everything we hoped it could be. And a very special thank you to our friend Wade Bute -- you are the reason this event was such a big success!

Are you ready to fight hunger in your community? Get involved today!