March 2019 Mover of the Month: Apex Moving & Storage

April 11, 2019 | 4:16pm

Each month, we highlight one of the moving companies in our network for their extraordinary commitment to fighting hunger in their community. We are excited to announce that Apex Moving & Storage (Puyallup, WA) has been named our Mover of the Month for March 2019!

Apex Moving & Storage delivered nearly 40,000 lbs. of food to the Puyallup Food Bank in March. Yes, you read that correctly - nearly 40,000 lbs. of food! How did they do it? By building a close relationship with the food bank and its staff.

"We have been working with the Puyallup Food Bank for over 5 years," said Dean Savage, President of Apex Moving & Storage. "Besides normal small donations we would bring from our customers, we started helping with their largest food drive of the year at the State Fair. Soon after that, we began helping other companies and organizations collect and deliver the donations to their warehouse."

Transportation is often one of the biggest expenses for food banks. With a fleet of trucks, experienced drivers, and a crew capable of doing the heavy lifting, moving companies like Apex are in a unique position to help. "A few years ago, the Food Bank asked if we would help bring food from local distribution warehouses in the Northwest as they only had a small truck," Savage said. "A normal delivery would be anywhere between 10 to 35 full pallets of food. The Puyallup Food Bank warehouse is quite small, so Apex offered to start storing items for them a few years ago. Now, on an average month, we store anywhere between 15 and 40 pallets of food."

The relationship with the Food Bank has also allowed Apex Moving to support Meals in Motion, a food distribution program in Puyallup.

"Once a month at all three campuses of Motion Church in Puyallup, there are food distributions after five different services," Savage explained. "Anywhere between 200-250 families are served during those distributions. We help pick up from the food bank earlier in the week and then deliver the food to the campuses on Saturday and Sunday. Much of what is distributed is provided by the Food Bank. Without their generous support, we would not be able to serve that many families."

Dean and his wife, Loretta, believe that Apex Moving & Storage has a responsbility to give back to the Puyallup community.

"We both have a passion to serve," he said. "God has put us in a position with our company that, with our resources, we are able to give back in many ways. We feel that this city and its residents support our company. Likewise, we want to be generous in supporting those in need."

But it takes more than 2 people to deliver close to 20 tons of food in a single month, and Dean was quick to point out that this was truly a team effort.

"We have an amazing and generous staff that works at Apex. All of our drivers have at one point helped with the pick ups or deliveries for the food bank. Our entire team visited and volunteered earlier this year at the Food Bank. They got to see what Apex helps support and how many local families are blessed by what our team does."

In addition to the award, Apex Moving & Storage will also be receiving Move For Hunger truck decals for their entire fleet. Congratulations to Apex Moving & Storage on this much-deserved recognition! Thank you for helping us reducefood waste and fight hunger in Washington State!

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