A Giant Effort: Nearly 9 Tons of Food Rescued in Seattle

June 20, 2016 | 5:56 pm | Written by

The collaborative spirit that makes the Move For Hunger program a success was on full display this past weekend in Seattle, as the Gentle Giant Moving Company, the Rock ‘N’ Roll Marathon series, and the Rainier Valley Food Bank joined forces in an effort to fight hunger  and reduce food waste in the Emerald City and its surrounding communities.Gentle_Giant_RnRSea_2

On Saturday, June 18, Gentle Giant Moving Company of Seattle volunteered its time and resources to pick-up 17,500 pounds of food and beverages from the Rock ‘N’ Roll Seattle Marathon and Half-Marathon and deliver it to the Rainier Valley Food Bank.

“The Food Bank was very happy to see us,” said John Dalton, Gentle Giant’s Seattle Regional Manager. “They said it was a good time of the year for us to donate so many beverages. Our crew is very excited about being part of the Move For Hunger program. Our customers are very thankful. It’s a win-win for everyone.”

Of course, none of this would have been possible without the support of the Rock ‘N’ Roll Marathon.Gentle_Giant_RnRSea_1

“We are always happy to give back to the community whenever we can and Seattle supports us unlike any other city,” said Alex Bennett, VP of the Alaska Airlines Rock ‘n’ Roll Seattle Marathon & Half-Marathon. “This announcement not only helps further showcase our commitment to supporting the local community, but also the year-round benefits of the marathon that continue long after the finish line.”

Most people tend to associate food drives with the holiday season. Food Banks, however, face their greatest need during the summer months, when classes end and children are no longer receiving free or reduced-cost meals at school.

Gentle_Giant_RnRSea_3“Food banks don’t typically receive a lot of drinks in the donation stream, but everybody needs to stay hydrated, especially in summer,” said Sam Osborne, the Executive Director of the Rainier Valley Food Bank. “The sports drinks, water, and fruit we received from the Rock-n-Roll Marathon via Gentle Giant Movers, as coordinated through Move For Hunger, will ensure that our most vulnerable neighbors aren’t thirsty this year. We are so grateful for this creative four-way partnership, and will have hundreds of happy, well-hydrated folks leaving our doors over the next couple of months.”

In addition to the food rescue, Gentle Giant’s Kayla McCue raised over $350 for Team Move For Hunger by competing in the half-marathon.

“When I hit the nine-mile mark I needed some outside inspiration,” McCue said. “I just reminded myself that there are people in far worse situations than running in a half-marathon.”

Kayla decided to run her first half-marathon with Team Move For Hunger because she “loves the concept of the program.”

“As a kid, I remember my neighbors relied on food banks and I saw how that affected their family,” McCue said. “We’re helping to provide a basic human need.”

Nearly 14% of the population in the greater Seattle area is food insecure, including one in five children. Meanwhile, nearly 40% of all food produced in the United States each year is lost or wasted. These statistics may seem daunting but, as this food rescue proves, a coalition of concerned partners can have a profound impact on both fronts.

Thank you to everyone at Gentle Giant Moving, the Rock ‘N’ Roll Marathon, and the Rainier Valley Food Bank for making this possible!

You can fight hunger and reduce food waste in your community. We can help.

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