Interested in hosting a fundraiser to help us continue to fight hunger? We’d love to help you get started.


There are a million ways to fundraise. Here are some of our favorites:

Office FUNdraising

OfficeTeamMeetingStaffTableWhile online fundraising is easy, convenient, and fast for spreading the word around your office, it’s not quite as fun as co-worker interaction. People are more likely to donate if they’re enjoying what they’re doing. Check out these awesome ideas to spice things up around the office.



DMS_TMFH boardSeveral employees at DMS Moving Systems of Michigan, an Atlas agent, were running in the Detroit Free Press Tamer Bank Marathon and wanted to find a fundraiser that would be fun for everyone! With company support, DMS made sure everyone could get involved, running or not. Employees not participating in the Detroit Marathon could “buy” an extra day off by donating to Move For Hunger or donating non-perishable items. By doing both a food drive and a fundraising campaign, they’re really going the distance for Move For Hunger! Here are some other examples of FUNdraising ideas for your office:

Potluck Empty Plates OfFoodBaby Picture Competition I’ll bet you never thought your boss was such a cute baby? Hold a competition to see if employees can match the baby with the co-worker, with the winner receiving a prize. By asking your co-workers to donate to guess and participate, it will stimulate engagement and donations for your cause!

Employee Potluck 
Chances are you’ve got employees from different backgrounds in your office. Hold a potluck and have people bring their favorite family recipe, charging employees $3.00 – 5.00 a plate. It encourages employees to share something about themselves and gives a good option for the lunch hour.

LadySittingAtHerDeskAtWorkArmsUpBoss Switch Got a boss with a good sense of humor and a generous heart? Hold a raffle for an employee to get to “switch” positions with the boss for an afternoon. The boss gets to perform the employees tasks while the co-worker sits back and relaxes – who wouldn’t want that?

Vacation Day Raffle Everyone would like another vacation day, why not raffle one off? Have employees buy raffle tickets and the winner gets a day off. Of course you will need to check with Human Resources first 🙂


Online Fundraising

make a copy of everything on your computerCrowdrise is a fantastic tool that allows you to promote your fundraiser for Move For Hunger online, through social media and email. It’s easy to set-up your own fundraising page. Give us a call and a team member will help you get started.

Once you are set-up, check out these tips on how to get the most out of this website for your campaign!

Show Your PrettyFace! The most important part of LittleGirlWithHandsPaintedColorfulyour online campaign is to personalize it with your photo – the majority of your donors have a relationship with you, not the charity. To do this, login to your account and go to the “Edit Profile” tab. Click on the “Change Profile Photo” link and upload a 375 x 375 pixel-sized photo of yourself. Be creative and fun with your picture, it gets people talking and donating!

FireworksInSkyOverWaterBlast it Out! Now that you’ve got your smiling mug on your fundraising page, you’re ready to let the world know of your dedication to end hunger and food waste. Crowdrise makes it easy to share your page with your social media followers and contacts. Simply click on your fundraiser and select the “Manage Campaign” tab. There you can directly post to your social media outlets and also do an email blast. Social media is a great way to get the word out about your charitable efforts. Share your fundraiser with friends and family, ask for their support in your efforts! Be relentless and ask a few times, it’s for a good cause!

ManLookingAtIphoneComputerUpdate and Thank You’ve been taught to always say thank you, and this is critical with fundraising. Make sure to thank every donor, no matter the amount. Also, keep people up to date on your progress. You can post a campaign update on your page: click on that “Manage Campaign” tab again and hit that “Post Campaign Update” button. Let your followers know how you’re doing!

More Ideas…

Work on Yourself at the Same Time Do you have a bad habit that you’d like help working on? Turn it into a fundraiser! If your downfall is swearing, sweets, or anything else you’d to change, put a jar on your desk and contribute to it every time you slip. Or, take it to the next level: If other people wish you would ditch this bad habit, too, why not ask your friends and families to help? Ask your nearest and dearest to donate a specific amount of money for each day that you successfully avoid the habit. Who knows, maybe your co-worker is willing to pay to get you to stop chewing gum….
Sign It Do you use an email signature in your correspondence? Add the Move For Hunger logo and a link to your page to promote your campaign. This will automatically remind all of your recipients of your commitment to the cause without being too pushy. By continuously reminding people, it keeps it fresh in their mind and they’re more likely to donate.
Tag It Use social media? Tag all of your donors on your social media profiles to highlight their contributions. Not only will this show on your account, but on theirs as well, generating more publicity for your fundraising efforts. Not only that, your acknowledgement on their generosity might encourage others to donate, too.


Getting the Kids to Contribute

In this day and age, teaching children the value of volunteer and community work is incredibly important. Why not include the little ones in your fundraising efforts? Sons, daughters, nieces and nephews can all benefit from your campaign to increase awareness about hunger in America. Not only will they have a great experience, they will learn the importance of giving back to their local community. Check out some of these ideas on how to get the younger generation involved.

Car Wash Every kid likes to get wet, why not raise a little money in the process? A neighborhood car wash is a great way for kids to get outside, have fun and help you generate donations all at the same time. Arm yourself with ladders, sponges and plenty of towels and let them have at it!

Penny Wars Although it may not be a huge fundraiser, encourage your little ones to collect as many pennies as possible. Between asking friends and family (and scouring the couch cushions), you would be surprised how much they can find. Also, if you make it a competition and offer some cool prizes (a movie, ice cream, etc…) they will be more likely to participate.

Donate Allowances Depending on your little one, this could be a tough sell but teaches a valuable lesson. Encourage your kids to donate their allowances for a certain period of time but be sure to explain the value of their donations. Let them know that they are helping less fortunate children have a good meal on the table. If they realize how lucky they are to have food on the table, then they will be more encouraged to help.


Host an Event

Organizing a fundraising event is a fun and easy way to support your favorite hunger relief organization!

OldLadyCookingWithFlourKitchenApronBake Sale We know there are some good bakers out there! Put your skills to work, and throw the most delicious fundraiser your community has ever seen. Who doesn’t love cupcakes? Put some in your office break room with a donation box – $2+ per treat.

Casual Fridays Does your office have “Casual Fridays”? If not, maybe they should! Set up a jar at the beginning of the week. Anyone who donates to Move For Hunger will be awarded with the comfort of their favorite blue jeans on Fridays. You’d be amazed how quickly it adds up!

Proceeds Night Team up with a local business and ask if they will donate a certain percentage of sales on a given day/night to Move For Hunger. We can create a flier for you to hand out to friends; family, and community members to have them support your event.

  • Restaurants are a great place to have a proceeds night- call and speak with a manager about your idea
  • Local boutiques and businesses like to do these events, especially around the holidays. See if a small business owner would like to help you give back to the community!