Start of Something Big | Crown Relocations of Miami Makes First Food Rescue of 2017

February 1, 2017 | 11:32 am | Written by

One of Move For Hunger’s goals for 2017 is to have our network take part in the large-scale rescue events that can divert tens of thousands of pounds of food from the landfill and onto the shelves at food banks. Crown Relocations of Miami helped us open the year on a high note, as they were able to rescue more than 13,000 pounds of food/beverages from the Miami Marathon on January 29.

If you’ve ever participated in a marathon, 5K, or any other type of endurance competition, then you can probably understand how a race as large as the Miami Marathon would be a great opportunity to rescue a large amount of food. Boxes upon boxes of fruit, energy bars, sports drinks, and water are available for the competitors when they cross the finish line. As depleted as these athletes may be after running 26.2 miles, there’s still plenty of leftovers. That’s where our network can make a difference.

Crown Relocations of Miami sent a crew to the race, which took place on a Sunday, to pick-up anything that was left behind and deliver it to Feeding South Florida. This massive donation of more than 13,000 pounds of food/beverages will help to provide much-needed assistance to the 784,000 people, including 1 in 5 children, in the greater Miami area who are facing hunger each day.

Large-scale food rescue opportunities like this are an easy way for members of the Move For Hunger network to collect tons of food in a relatively short period of time. Last year, Gentle Giant Moving Company’s branches rescued over 46,000 pounds of food from races all across the country, Ace Worldwide, an Atlas agent, recovered 32,000 pounds from the Rock ‘N’ Roll Las Vegas Marathon, and Lowy’s Moving Service, a Wheaton agent, saved nearly 7,500 pounds of food from the New Jersey Marathon.

This year, Gentle Giant will once again be rescuing food from the Rock ‘N’ Roll Washington, D.C. Marathon, Lowy’s Moving will again volunteer to pick up from the New Jersey Marathon, and North Star Moving will send a truck to the Los Angeles Marathon.

That’s a great start, but we need to do more! Contact Emily today to inquire about race picks ups in your area, or e-mail Kara to discuss other food rescue opportunities in your community.

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