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  • Wallace Pierce Law Provides 375 Meals to Durham, NC Students

    There are more than 41 million people in the United States who are struggling with food insecurity. It’s a scary statistic to begin with, but what makes it even worse is that almost 13 million of those people are children. Knowing that so many are in need, especially those who are so young, Wallace Pierce Law… View Article

  • Ramar Moving Systems Fills a Truck with 3,000 LBS. of Food!

    There are more than 665,000 people in the state of Maryland who are food insecure, including 1 in 7 children. The stat is scary, but the good thing is that companies like Ramar Moving Systems are recognizing the urgency of the problem and taking action. The Ramar team has been a part of our network for years,… View Article

  • Bronx Middle School Holds 2nd Annual Thanksgiving Food Drive!

    The holiday season is a very exciting time for many different reasons, but at Move For Hunger, our favorite part is all of the food drives! Not every family will get the chance to eat a Thanksgiving meal with their loved ones, but it’s the kindness from all over the country that is changing that…. View Article

  • Gentle Giant Moving Company Fills a Truck to Fight Hunger in Boston

    Here at Move For Hunger, we are endlessly inspired by all of the generous people in our network who are out making a difference. One of those groups of people is Gentle Giant Moving Company. From rescuing food/drinks at the New York City Triathlon to gleaning fresh produce at a farm outside of Philadelphia, Gentle… View Article

  • Crown Moving & Storage Holds a Thanksgiving Food Drive!

    Crown Moving & Storage, a Wheaton World Wide Moving agent, has been a long time partner of ours and they have done a lot of amazing work in the Indianapolis community. This year, they felt it was imperative to hold a food drive and lend a helping hand to the families in their community. From October… View Article

  • American Van Lines of Pompano Beach Provides 430 Meals for their Neighbors in Need!

    Everyone deserves to enjoy a Thanksgiving dinner with their family and friends. This year, our partners from American Van Lines of Pompano Beach office decided to share their abundance by holding a food drive from October 9-November 10. They asked for donations of Thanksgiving-themed, non-perishable items, such as cranberry sauce, gravy, canned vegetables, instant potatoes, and pie… View Article